About Summer Start

2019 Summer Start Class Photo

About Summer Start

Summer Start is a 6-week, intensive academic program for incoming international and multilingual freshmen. The program provides the foundations for a strong start at a UC Davis by providing access to university experts and world-renowned faculty in small and large settings and by offering an array of high-demand and high-interest courses.  During the program, students are engaged in an interactive approach to campus orientation that builds relationships and intercultural communication skills while introducing them to their role at a research university.  When fall begins, Summer Start students have already completed courses that put them closer to completing their degrees. In addition, they have the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to succeed and a network of colleagues to support them so they can thrive here at UC Davis. 

Summer Start participants will:

  • Earn eight to ten units of academic credit (typically three-four classes)
  • Have access to unique classes not offered in the academic year with smaller class sizes and renowned faculty.
  • Receive personalized advising for summer and fall course registration
  • Receive pre-arrival assistance from dedicated Summer Start staff and trained advisors
  • Get a comprehensive introduction to U.S. academic culture and learn how to navigate UC Davis systems
  • Build friendships through small group social and intercultural activities
  • Get access to personalized language coaching
  • Develop intercultural communication and language skills
  • Discover Northern California through optional group travel

We invite new international freshmen to take the first step toward a successful college career!