Summer Start 2022!


2019 EDU 98


2022 Costs

  • Program Fee: $975

    • Includes language coaching, academic support, conversation partner program, social activities, early academic advising and writing testing, and staff support
  • Campus-Based Fee: $360.14

    • Covers campus facilities and services
  • Summer Tuition: $279/unit

    • All students, resident and non-resident, pay the same tuition rate during Summer
    • Students must take a minimum of 6 units of coursework
    • Students will take at most 10 units of coursework
  • Housing Cost: $2596

    • Estimated cost based on double occupancy rooms for 44 nights on campus housing
    • Includes 2 meals per day
Total for 6 units: $5605.14; Total for 10 units: $6721.14
Summer Tuition Savings: During the academic year, international students pay the out-of-state student tuition rate, which is approximately $661/per unit (calculated for 15 units in 2021-2022). During Summer, all students pay the same tuition rate: $279/unit.
Refund Policy: $975 Summer Start program fee is non-refundable. The last day to drop Summer II courses with a refund is August 8th.