Housing & Dining

2019 Move-In Day

Housing & Dining

Summer Start students live in Residence Halls (on campus dormitories) from July 31 to September 12. 

  • Rooms are double-occupancy
  • Summer Start participants of the same gender are paired as roommates
  • Rooms are furnished, carpeted and air-conditioned
  • Shared amenities include bathrooms, a television lounge, a study lounge, and a laundry facility
  • A resident assistant and desk staff are available on-site
  • Confirmed Summer Start participants are automatically assigned housing
  • Housing is not guaranteed without payment
  • Between Summer Start and fall quarter, residence hall accommodations will be available for an additional cost.
    • Students will need to arrange storage for their possessions if they do not plan on staying in a residence hall during this time
Residence Hall
  • Three meals per day at the Dining Commons
  • Dining Commons provide a wide variety of options for vegetarian, vegan, and other diets
Segundo Dining Commons

What Summer Start Students Say:

I still remember when I first came to UC Davis, I felt so lonely because I was the only Vietnamese student to attend Summer Start. I didn’t know anybody here, and English is also not my first language... Residence halls gave me a chance to meet the best roommate ever. We got along pretty well. Thanks to activities that my RA organized every weekend, I met people from different backgrounds, and actually we had a lot of fun together. Believe it or not, the friends that I met during summer are my closest friends at UC Davis now.

-Linh, Mathematics, 2017

“I had a great experience at the residence hall. I met a lot of good people and friends from different countries. We went to the dining hall together and ate together. What was probably the best experience I have ever had.”

– Ko, Political Science, 2016

“Living with Summer Start friends allows students to know more about each other and furthermore get closer to each other as if forming a family-like bond.”

– Tracy, Food Science, 2017