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UC Davis - Latin America and the Caribbean

UC Davis - Latin America and the Caribbean 

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UC Davis has a long history of collaboration in Latin America and the Caribbean and builds upon this rich legacy through learning, research and service with the region, and the deep individual and institutional relationships that have developed from these collaborations.

In both Chile and Mexico, the existing linkages, emerging opportunities, and structures that are already established by the University of California system and by UC Davis provide strong foundations for expanded work.

 Our Areas of Work

  • Information sharing and coordination on campus and in the region
  • Student and faculty mobility to and from the region
  • Outreach to develop partnerships, collaborations, and dialogue

Our Objectives

Building upon a long history of institutional, research, and teaching partnerships in the region, UC Davis supports, augments, and connects through its convening power and its ability to bring together UC Davis and partners in the region, focusing on three major objectives:

  1. Support Learning and Teaching between the Campus and Region
    • supporting the cultivation of skills, knowledge, and networks, embracing linguistic and cultural diversity and global engagement
    • fostering student and faculty exchanges, virtual learning opportunities, graduate student mobility, and post-doctorate research
  2. Develop Research and Innovation that Addresses Local, Regional, and Global Challenges
    • providing an institutional framework for increasing collaborative research, joint research grants and joint publications with partner universities
    • building collaboration opportunities with private industry, NGOs, and government agencies
    • supporting the economic, environmental and social development efforts in the region by contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  3. Integrate an Ethos of Service, Human Rights and Inclusion into Regional Engagement
    • prioritizing inclusivity, diversity and human rights
    • seeking to involve Indigenous communities in dialogues and approaches to critical issues
    • developing projects with partners in the region and opportunities for our campus community to engage in teaching/learning, research and service that embodies these principles

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