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2019 Volunteers

Meet our Students

Lavanya Raman

  • 2015 Summer Start Participant

  • Biological Sciences Major, Graduating Spring 2019

  • Lavanya Raman
    Lavanya Raman, 2015 Summer Start Participant

    "My college experience would have been so different without Summer Start, and thank you so much for all your support along the way! Don't be afraid to try new things, but avoid having too much on your plate! Remember, each person's experience is unique and college is the perfect place to explore new things. Go to office hours, make use of campus resources and don't forget to have fun along the way!"


Rosemary Xu

  • 2015 Summer Start Participant

  • 2018 UC Davis Graduate in Communication and Psychology

  • Rosemary Xu
    Rosemary Xu, 2015 Summer Start Participant

    "Summer Start was the start of my college career. It helped me quickly adapt to the campus life, get a taste of the academic rigor, and make many connections. During the program, I cultivated the confidence of constantly trying out new things. It was this confidence which allowed me to explore my interests, start internships and jobs, and get involved on campus. Without Summer Start, I could not graduate two quarters early with two majors. It was nice to start from here."


Shengling (Wilburn) Wang

  • 2014 Summer Start Participant

  • 2018 UC Davis Graduate in Economics and Communication

Wilburn Wang
Shengling Wilburn Wang, 2014 Summer Start Participant

“Summer Start, like its name, established a solid foundation to get my college journey started from classes to extracurricular activities. As an international student, I was not sure what to expect in college. With the help of the Summer Start, I had opportunities to have close interactions with professors and build intimate friendships with students from different cultural backgrounds. I learned so many lessons from the program, such as taking advantage of professors' office hours and pursuing my interests through clubs. I cannot emphasize the significance of the program more."