Make the Most out of Your College Experience: Become a Pal!

Pal Program
Pal Program

By: Claire Kang

The Pal Program, which is normally only available to students during the academic year, is now being offered especially for Summer Start students! The program pairs new students with California peers for intercultural conversation. Meet new friends, discover American culture, and share your own culture. Specials events designed only for Pals will be held throughout the summer! Discover the true meaning of friendship: to understand and to be understood. The online application for Summer Session II opens on July 18 and the Fall Quarter application opens September 12th. Submit your application early to ensure you are partnered according to your preferences!

“The one thing I enjoyed most from the Pal program…would be learning directly from the source about a culture. I have had two pals, Wenying and Eric. Both of them are from Chengdu, China. Wenying navigated between Daoist and Buddhist beliefs when she talked with her grandparents. Later, she also gave me bookmarks with pandas, because Chengdu is famous for its pandas. Eric was interested in politics, so we talked about Chile’s past and compared it to China’s present. I appreciate the opportunity of this program to meet students from the other side of the world. I've enjoyed it so much, and I look forward to learning more next quarter!”

-Katharina Santos, 2018 Pal Program Participant