Language & Culture Coaching Experiences

Language & Culture Coaching

By: Emily Montgomery

Language & Culture Coaching (LCC) is generally only offered to graduate students, but Summer Start 2018 participants have a special opportunity to meet with a coach before Fall Quarter!

During these sessions, you can received personalized communication training to help you be ready to handle all of the tasks that will be expected of you as an undergrad student. You may have some questions or some things that you are uncertain or curious about, whether it be related to U.S. culture, university classrooms, or the English language. We can help! Sign up to meet with a coach to be assigned to an experienced UCD student who is trained to help you with your oral English skills and can help you adjust to life as a student at UCD.

Here’s some of the feedback and advice shared by international graduate students who worked with coaches last year:

“My advice is that they should patiently sit down, work with the coach and follow their instructions exactly. Try the best as they can and budget some time to talk to native speakers […]. They should form the habit of slowing down their speed and polish the pronunciation and word stress at the beginning […]. The coaches will have a good strategy for them to improve your weakness step by step. It takes time so be patient and serious.

I would love to work with a coach until the day of graduation.

“I worked with language coaches for three quarters (almost a year!) It has been a very pleasant experience. I enjoyed exchanging ideas and sharing experience and knowledge, meanwhile, improving my English. With help of the coaches, I've accomplished a lot this year.

“These coaching sessions were very useful for me. There are several sounds in the English language that are not present in my native tongue and that I did not know how to pronounce. It is difficult for me to identify these differences, but my coach helped me with patience and dedication. I also learned how to accentuate words and pause during a sentence, giving more coherence and clarity to the ideas that I want to transmit. These skills will be very useful during my graduate studies.

“My English is much better.

The current program is excellent!

One -to-one coaching helped me improve my oral communication skills in English. I had the opportunity to ask questions and my coach shared some very useful tools that help me a lot.

“My coach and I have some common hobbies so we had good conversations, which not only help me improve my oral English, but give me a lot of fun.

“I just want to say that I found that having a one-to-one English coach is a great support for me, as an International Student. I think this service is great and I recommend it to all my friends. I hope it will continue!

“This is the most valuable program I have done while here at UC Davis