Summer Start Now Online

Summer Start 2022

Start your UC Davis experience from home!

Summer Start is a 6-week academic and cultural preparation program for incoming first year international students that takes place from August 1 to September 9 (Summer Session 2). Participants have access to a carefully selected menu of  courses that allow them to get ahead on their degree and adjust to UC Davis academics with the help of experienced staff, coaches, and advisors. As part of a friendly, welcoming community built on collaboration and support, students can enter fall quarter with the relationships and intercultural communication skills required to succeed at a top rated research institution. 

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Summer Start Online Highlights:

  • 2-10 Units of Coursework Towards Your Degree
    • EDU 98: Navigating US academic culture and UC Davis systems
    • Additional writing, math, or general education courses
  • No Visa Required! 
    •  All courses and activities are online, so you can participate from anywhere in the world.
    • No need to request an I-20 for Summer Start - a visa is only required for when you physically enter the U.S. 
  • Lower Costs
  • Language & Friendship Development
    •  Optional free English language coaching, focusing on pronunciation and/or presentation and conversational skills
    • Conversation partner program that matches participants with Summer Start alumni for weekly guided video chats 
  • Early Writing Testing 

Steps to Apply:

  1. "Accept" your Summer Start invitation on MyAdmissions.
  2. Fill out an application on our "Apply" page before June 1.
  3. Check your email for an acceptance notification and follow intructions to be activated for Summer Session II. 

Important Dates & Deadlines


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Summer Start online now?
  • The campus recently announced that all summer courses will be offered remotely, meaning that no in-person instruction will be allowed. On top of that, many international students have not been able to schedule visa appointments because of US embassy closures, making travel to the US impossible. 
  • Is it possible to sign up for in an in-person version of Summer Start instead?
  • No. With the campus moving to online summer courses only, traditional housing, dining, staff, and other important resources are not available to support an on-campus program.
  • Does this program require a student visa?
  • No, because travel to the U.S. is not required. You can participate in this program from your home country.
  • I want to attend the Summer Start program. Should I select a summer or fall start date when I fill out my I-20 request?
  • When you fill out your I-20 request, choose FALL. Because the program is online this year, you will not need an I-20 for summer.
  • I am a high school student in the US and don't want to travel home this summer. How can I get an I-20 to stay in the US?
  • You do not need to request a special I-20 to take summer courses. You may use an I-20 with a fall quarter start date. Contact Services for International Students & Scholars (SISS) if you have any further questions about your student visa.
  • Are there any requirements for joining this program?
  • Yes, you must be an admitted first year UC Davis student and you must have a secure and reliable high speed internet connection to participate. Most of your courses will require frequent video meetings, so you will need a good microphone and camera on your computer.
  • Do math and writing courses require placement exams? If so, how do I take those exams.
  • All students who register in MAT 12, 16A, 17A, 21A, or 21M are required to take the Mathematics Placement Exam. You can learn more about that exam on the UC Davis Mathmatics website. For writing, students who have not satisfied the Entry Level Writing Requirement will need to complete the writing placement, which will tell you which writing course you should register for. Summer Start students have access to early writing placement occurring in May, in order to provide placement before Summer Start course registration. More details can be found on the Writing Placement website
  • I'm in a different time zone and don't want to take classes in the middle of the night. Can I still participate?
  • Yes! EDU 98, the required course, and all writing courses will be asynchronous, meaning there will be no scheduled class times. This means you can watch pre-recorded lectures and complete course activities on your own time. Math, General Education, and First Year Seminar courses will have scheduled times, but there are many sections that may work with your schedule. For example, a math course that begins at 6:10pm PDT (California time), which is 9:10am in China.