2019 EDU 98

Fast-Track Your Degree

Summer Start offers courses that provide the strongest foundation for new freshmen at UC Davis. These courses satisfy critical university and degree requirements and put students on a fast track towards graduation.

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Satisfy the Entry Level Writing Requirement

Most students start by selecting a course that will take them one step closer to meeting the University of California Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR). Depending on their starting point, meeting this requirement can require completing up to three academic writing courses that are known to be challenging as they require students to read, write and demonstrate critical thinking skills that meet the standard set by the University of California. Students are ineligible to take many other required courses until they meet ELWR, and the deadline for completing these courses is strictly enforced. Those who don’t meet the Entry Level Writing Requirement by the deadline are subject to dismissal. Summer Start students get a step ahead by beginning their progress before the clock even starts.

Create an Academic Plan

Advisors work with students to select from other courses that meet degree requirements working with students to create a long-range plan that helps them navigate around scheduling obstacles by recognizing the importance of course sequencing to maximize skill development and avoid enrollment issues.

Take Advantage of Summer Courses

Summer Start students have the opportunity to guide their learning and select from courses only offered in summer. These courses offer opportunities to strengthen language skills and intercultural competencies so that they are better prepared to be a full citizen of the university. Summer courses also tend to have smaller class sizes, offering more opportunities to engage with faculty and peers.

Learn to Lead

When Summer Start students complete the program, many become campus leaders, serving in student organizations, student clubs and student government, but all complete the program positioned to graduate earlier than their peers.