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UC Davis Global Strategic Plan

Envisioning UC Davis Global Engagement

UC Davis’ 10-year strategic plan, To Boldly Go, is the guiding document for taking the university to new heights of distinction. The plan’s five ambitious goals include global elements that require further articulation, action steps, and concrete measurements of success. 

The planning effort to develop this roadmap in the form of the first comprehensive UC Davis Global Strategic Plan is now underway. The plan will articulate a thoughtful and coherent global vision and strategy for UC Davis in concrete, measurable initiatives and action steps. It will tie together the concepts outlined in To Boldly Go, and the significant work already underway in various committees and any new initiatives as appropriate.

The planning process will also focus on strategies for global education, research, and service—both near and far—including on campus and in communities around the world.

Planning Objectives

  1. Articulate a global campus identity that is distinctive and builds on campus strengths.
  2. Create a roadmap for achieving our vision of campus internationalization under the major strategic goals outlined in To Boldly Go.
  3. Continue the work of integrating internationalization into the core conversations of the university, including the concept that internationalization is a tool to help UC Davis reach its full potential and not a goal in itself.

Planning Committee

As part of the university’s strategic planning process, a UC Davis Global Strategic Plan Committee made of members across UC Davis' colleges, schools and units will partner with the campus community to create the first Global Strategic Plan for UC Davis.

The committee is co-chaired by chaired by Fadi Fathallahassociate vice provost of global education and services in Global Affairs and professor of biological and agricultural engineering, and H. Rao Unnava, dean and professor in the Graduate School of Management. See the full committee list.

How to Get Involved

As the campuswide Global Strategic Planning Committee develops this plan, bringing together the significant global work already underway with new initiatives that advance UC Davis' mission, they are calling on the entire UC Davis community to submit ideas and strategies related to the global elements within the goals of To Boldly Go through:

With input from the campus community, the Global Strategic Plan will articulate a thoughtful and coherent global vision and strategy for UC Davis with concrete, measurable initiatives and action steps, including developing a global campus identity that builds on campus strengths, creating a guide for achieving the global components called for in To Boldly Go, and supporting the integration of internationalization as a tool to help UC Davis reach its full potential.

The main webform for input is open to the entire campus community to submit as many strategies and ideas as they'd like related to any or all of the five goals within To Boldly Go.

Submit Your Strategies and Ideas

The Steering Committee welcomes you to send any questions, ideas, or feedback related to the UC Davis Global Strategic Plan to