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Language Tips and Resources

Pre-Travel Language Tips and Resources

Language capabilities are critical to ensuring a productive trip. Global Affairs is committed to providing language-related travel tips and resources to assist you in trip planning.

Travel Language Tips

  • Begin language training as early as possible

  • Set realistic and specific goals

  • Make the time to learn a new language and remind yourself why you are learning it

    • Remember:

      • Consistency and repetition are critical to mastering a different language
      • Language skills are “depreciating assets”–i.e., they degrade over time if they are not used on a regular basis
  • Watch or read news, books, or films in your new language

  • Listen to podcasts or discussions in your new language while doing daily activities

    • Consider times such as:

      • Commuting to work, cooking, exercising or traveling
  • Practice with a native speaker

    • Establish regular discussion times

  • Watch how native speakers speak and form words

  • Challenge yourself to think in the new language

  • Immerse yourself in the language

    • However and whenever possible when traveling

  • Try to avoid speaking in your native language when abroad

  • Keep a pocket dictionary handy or download a translation app on your mobile device(s)

  • Don’t be discouraged when making grammatical mistakes or errors in vocabulary

    • These are normal (and important!) components of the language learning process

Language Resources at UC Davis

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