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With UC Davis students, faculty, and staff actively studying, researching, and collaborating worldwide, there are hundreds of UC Davis travelers at any given time—and around 50-100 of those travelers are in locations considered to be high-risk

Global Affairs is committed to providing critical travel security resources and tips for UC Davis travelers—from pre-trip preparation and registration to real-time updates and responses—to mitigate the impact of unexpected weather, health, and security incidents.

Per UC Davis policy, travelers are required to register international travel on university business. Registration takes less than a minute and provides travelers with critical, location-specific travel updates, important insurance information, and ensures timely response in the event of a crisis anywhere in the world.

Please note: travel booked through AggieTravel/Connexxus is automatically registered and no further steps are necessary to register a trip.

Travel Information and Resources

Academic Leave and Sabbatical Resources

  • Academic leave and sabbatical forms
  • Academic leave and sabbatical policies
  • The University of California’s sabbatical leave roadmap
    • Featuring a variety of helpful tips and resources for planning leave

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Please email with any general travel security questions.