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Agreements of Cooperation

Fostering Mutually-Beneficial Partnerships with International Agreements

In an increasingly interconnected world, we recognize the value of international, collaborative research, teaching, exchange, and service. We realize today's most pressing challenges cannot be solved alone. Cross-cultural, cross-border, and cross-disciplinary partnerships and innovation are more critical than ever.

UC Davis Global Affairs seeks to support and strengthen ongoing international scholarship and research linkages across the world.

UC Davis currently has over 140 active Agreements of Cooperation with international partner institutions across more than 40 countries. Most of these agreements are at the initiative of faculty members.

    What are some benefits of international agreements? 

    There are many benefits to formalizing mutually beneficial global collaborations with international agreements, including:

    • Formalizing a framework to expand research and educational opportunities;
    • Growing opportunities for students, researchers, faculty, and staff to enhance learning experiences and global awareness; 
    • Heightening the visibility of international collaborations of faculty, schools, and colleges, and measuring the impact of those collaborations; and
    • Strengthening research and educational project funding applications with collaboration documentation.

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