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Graduate Language Requirements

There are three English language requirements for graduate students. Please note that these requirements apply to all students regardless of their national origin or citizenship.

  • Admissions Requirement: This is what you needed to receive admission. If you are applying for a graduate program at UC Davis and have questions about this requirement, please contact the Graduate Admissions Team.
  • First Year Course Requirement: This is focused on writing skills. If you have questions about this requirement, please contact Catherine Hatzakos from the University Writing Program.
  • TA/AI Language Proficiency Requirement: This is focused on your speaking skills and is only necessary if you plan to hold a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Associate Instructor (AI) position. You do not need to meet this requirement to hold a Reader or a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) position. To check your status related to this requirement, please use TALRA.

Language Advising

If you would like advising related to the graduate language requirements, TOEP, and/or which language courses are most relevant to you, you can set up an appointment with Emily Montgomery, the Graduate Program Coordinator in International and Academic English.

Schedule Language Advising