Dheera sits down with Chancellor May for an episode of Face to Face.

A Backpack to Help Refugees

‘Face to Face’ Subject Discusses Humanitarian Work

This month’s guest on Face to Face With Chancellor May is a student who came to UC Davis to help refugees preserve their access to higher education — all while completing her own studies.

Dheera Dusanapudi is a junior studying international relations and religious studies, and works as the student lead for the Article 26 Backpack, a program that offers refugees face-to-face counseling and a cloud storage platform to preserve important records like transcripts and diplomas.

“All of these really small, important things end up really hindering their access to higher education in the future [if they are lost],” she said, noting that grabbing a diploma may not be top of mind for a student fleeing an unsafe country.

She sat down with May to discuss her work, her studies, and the role the Article 26 Backpack played in her decision to join UC Davis.

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