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USA for UNHCR intern continues her work serving refugees at Article 26 Backpack

UC Davis student, Dheera Dusanapudi, reflects on her work as the 2023 Communications team intern for USA for UNHCR. Passionate about serving refugees, Dusanapudi continues to showcase her dedication at UC Davis as the Campus Program Director for Article 26 Backpack. Read an excerpt of the article below and follow the link to read the original article.  

In June 2023, USA for UNHCR launched its inaugural internship program. This program was open to college students and recent graduates with a passion for refugee issues and making a difference in the humanitarian space. The program offered interns the opportunity to learn from staff members across departments at USA for UNHCR. 

Dheera Dusanapudi served as the 2023 Communications team intern. She is a junior at UC Davis and came to the team with a diverse range of experiences with refugee-related organizations, showing her dedication to serving displaced populations. A formative experience has been working with Article 26 Backpack at UC Davis — an initiative that helps refugee students access and store vital education documents while they are experiencing forced displacement.

“Backpack was one of the reasons I chose Davis,” Dheera shared. “I knew already that I wanted to pursue studies in refugee and humanitarian issues. Backpack has given me an incredible opportunity to genuinely create a difference and work directly with students around the world.”

Read the full article from the UN Refugees website

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