Advice for New Summer Start Students: Interview With a Graduate

July 16, 2018

By: Claire Kang

The first year of university can be a mix of excitement and anxiousness, especially for new Summer Start Students who are starting the new chapter of their lives in a new country. Hugh Xiao, 2014 Summer Start Participant, completed his journey at UC Davis last quarter and wants to welcome new students by sharing what he has learned from his four-year undergraduate life.

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Last Chance to Join the California Road Trip!

June 25, 2018

By: Claire Kang

Wanna explore the best destinations in California? Wanna build unforgettable memories with new friends from Summer Start? Wanna find a great way to unwind after finals? Sign up for the California Road Trip! You only need to sign up and everything will be arranged for you. Don’t give yourself a headache looking for places to visit, renting a car and booking hotels. Let us handle it!