Professor Raquel Aldana and Kari Peterson present a slideshow in front of a group of indigenous rural women in Colombia.
Professor Raquel Aldana (standing) and Kari Peterson '23 (sitting, to the right of Aldana) presented during a workshop for indigenous rural women in Colombia.

Professor Aldana, Kari Peterson '23 Meets with Indigenous Women in Colombia

Professor Raquel Aldana received a 2022-23 Grant for Advancing Sustainable Development Goals grant from UC Davis Global Affairs, Grand ChallengesSustainability and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to help conduct a workshop for indigenous women in Colombia. Read an excerpt of the article below and follow the link to read the original article.
Rural Colombian women are gathered around a drawing of a woman sketched by Professor Raquel Aldana.
Rural Colombian women participated in a workshop co-conducted by Professor Raquel Aldana.

In early August, Professor Raquel Aldana, American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative Latin America & Caribbean Council special advisor, traveled to the Nariño region of Colombia to help conduct a workshop for indigenous rural women. The workshop focused on land rights and self-determination. 

Aldana was part of a contingent of seven trainers, including recent UC Davis Law graduate Kari Peterson ’23, Sandra Morello and Efrain Cruz of ROLI Colombia and two representatives from the Defensoria del Pueblo (or the human rights ombudsman’s office in the region.)

Aldana wrote this about the trip:

The Nariño region of Colombia is in the Andes and borders Ecuador. It is a gorgeous landscape and several indigenous and Afro-Colombian groups inhabit the area. The Cumbal collective of Women – Renacientes (reborn) is comprised of an impressive inter-generational group of indigenous women who successfully recovered their lands and are now engaged in a process of ongoing resistance to preserve their lands and their culture, as well as to advance the rights of women.  Here is a short video about the collective narrated by Janneth Liliana Taimal, an indigenous anthropologist and community leader who organized the workshop in her own home and convened the group.

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